Web Censorship Gets Annoying

ISPs exist to provide unfettered access to us to the net, perhaps not the variant their technology partners or they believes is proper for us. Their ‘adult controls’ do not achieve their stated purpose of “protecting children” and are already creating collateral injury by preventing absolutely innocent websites like the one you are reading now. It is difficult to not get mad when you understand your web site ‘s accessibility has become handicapped automatically.

Stay Calm

Someone once advised me to never go food shopping when hungry, when angry, to never compose, not to argue when drunk, and much more recently. Just take a deep breathing, go for a run, get the aggression out anyhow you can I had been advised.

I’ve completed of that this morning and none of it did all. In reality, I might be all the more enthusiastic than before. This site preventing junk that is just starting to contaminate the net is becoming my sworn enemy and has gone way too far.

Here at TF we have always been opponents of site preventing. It’s a blunt instrument that’s susceptible to causing collateral injury for neglecting to achieve its stated purposes, and understood. We recently found that as a result of Sky’s Broad Band defend selection system, TorrentFreak is currently clogged on one of the Britain’s biggest ISPs by customers who believe they are protecting their children.

Our crimes will be the topics we include. We write about filesharing, copyright and closely linked problems including privacy and internet censorship, as viewers know. We write concerning the negatives of those topics and also the positives and comments are solicited by us from not only the swarthiest of pirates, but additionally the most hated anti- piracy folks on the planet.

If the RIAA BPI, RightsAlliance, BREIN and every DMCA take-down firm on earth need to get their state they can do this, along side the people at The buccaneer Bay. We will not deny anyone their voice, whether it is someone being raided from the authorities or those who started the raid. Acquiring the headlines out is paramount.

We are not scared to let anyone have their state and free speech is embraced by us. But apparently the people at Sky as well as their engineering experts at Symantec believe that people have to be denied our right to speak on the foundation that we record information about filesharing problems like download usenet and others.

That is just more nonsense.

Symantec write about malicious software on a regular basis and viruses, so so might be they placed in the malicious software and virus category? Of course maybe not.

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