VR Pornography Software Coming To Headsets

Like with the Internet, sex could function as the dirty little secret to virtual reality’s success.

Brian Shuster, a Montreal -based tech entrepreneur who helped pioneer Internet advertising in the 1990s, is betting on it. He has plowed $ 50 million of his own money into developing pornographic virtual reality software which will be compatible with headsets from firms like Oculus VR.

That is despite the fact Facebook Oculus, which was acquired by Facebook last year for $ 2 billion, has been tight lipped concerning the prospect of its own goggles used to broadcast high-tech smut. Instead, the company has been showing prototype headsets like the Oculus Rift as gaming platforms.

Basically Users Want To Watch Porn With Their VR Headsets

“Everybody who picks up a Rift says, ‘How am I gonna watch pornography with this?'” Shuster told The Post at SXSW Interactive, the annual tech convention in an interview. “It’s just a universal truth. That is the method that you know you are around the correct course.”

Nonetheless, the budding vrpornmovies market has already been littered with casualties. Wicked Paradise, a VR pornography game developed for Oculus headsets, shuttered a year ago after first fanfare, apparently over concerns that software glitches had.

Expensive production and gear costs can certainly send the cost of making a VR skin flick north of $ 100,000. As such, some early versions of VR pornography are simply exploiting the 180-degree viewing field of the headsets, creating a more immersive approach to ogle.

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