Smart DNS Proxy Review

Which is the best streaming provider on the market? Which streaming service is easy to install, costs little and offers the best transmission speed and quality? We asked ourselves these questions and found an excellent provider in Smart DNS Proxy. Streaming with Smart DNS Proxy works absolutely fantastic. The price/performance ratio is also second to none.

Note, however, that a Smart DNS service does not offer the same security on the Internet as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can read about the difference between these two services here.

The Smart DNS Proxy website is very easy to navigate and clearly arranged. The company also informs its social networks about streaming news, TV series and network information. Smart DNS Proxy, like most other services, offers lower prices for a longer subscription period. Unlike other services, they offer a 24-month subscription, which costs only $2.08/month per month. This is an absolutely fantastic price for a Smart DNS service.

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Smart DNS Proxy provides you with 6 popular unblocked websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Vevo and YouTube. In addition, they provide 133 video and music streaming services in 32 countries. Of course, these include popular channels such as Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer.

You want to watch Zattoo or Wilmaa in Austria? The reception works perfectly with Smart DNS Proxy, which unlike other providers is not blocked.

To unblock all these channels, there are 400 servers all over the world with 4 DNS IPs that balance the data load. The servers provide sufficient capacity release and are therefore responsible for the availability of the service and the data transfer speed.

You can use Smart DNS with several different devices at the same time, as long as you use the same IP address and therefore belong to the same network. However, if you want to use the service in multiple locations at the same time, you will need to purchase another account.

Smart DNS Proxy belongs to Global Stealth Inc, which is based in the Seychelles to protect its customers. Global Stealth Inc belongs to Cakinberk Telekom, which also owns GetFlix, which means they have a lot of experience with DNS and VPN.

Security & Privacy Protection

Since Smart DNS Proxy is only a SmartDNS provider, it should come as no surprise that they do not offer any kind of security when it comes to connecting to the service. Both the terms and conditions and the privacy policy provide clear information about the business operations of the company. They explain exactly what information they are collecting and why (mainly because of the collection of due payments). All legal disputes are settled in Canada.

Customer Service

On the website, all the instructions for starting up the service are available and easy to follow. However, if problems do occur, Smart DNS Proxy provides 2 types of customer service:

Our experience with support:

In the case of a direct enquiry, we answered immediately and provided the necessary information. The customer service is mainly available for general questions and is not so well versed in technical aspects. Through a very helpful, multi-level customer service system, difficult questions are solved by email. The feedback of the customer service by email was immediate, after which the customer was always asked for a satisfaction assessment of the feedback given (on a voluntary basis).

The following is required for registration:

  • Name of the
  • Email Address
  • password

No payment information is required for the first 14 days of the trial period, after which it is necessary to enter it if you wish to continue using the service. The company does not offer anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin, which is not surprising, as the service was created purely for streaming and not for security or anonymity on the Internet.

The Client

Unlike other Smart DNS providers, Smart DNS Proxy does not have its own client. The advantage is that the computer is not loaded with unnecessary software. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to log in to the provider’s website when you change your IP address. An ingenious feature of Smart DNS Proxy is the ability to use any streaming service without having to change any settings once you are connected to a selected server. As they have numerous servers distributed all over the world, the highest speeds are guaranteed.

Performance (speed, DNS and IP test)

Smart DNS Proxy is a streaming service and does not protect the IP address. Therefore it was clear that our own IP address appeared during the test.

We were satisfied with the DNS leak test because, unlike other services, only the DNS of the service set up appeared.

Since no encryption is used, there was no loss of speed during the transmission of the respective channels. The speed remained continuously excellent with every device or streaming service used.

The big advantage of Smart DNS over VPN is that the service supports more devices. The service provides instructions for countless devices including routers, computers, smart TVs and game consoles.

Summary of the service

Smart DNS Proxy is probably the best Smart DNS company we have tested so far due to its low price, ease of use and very good customer service.

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