Pure VPN

Pure VPN is of the seated in Hong Kong companies GZ Systems Ltd.. out. This company offers their services against data misuse, theft and Internet security on since November 2006. It also regions of the Internet are concerned, which are censored. Regional barriers can easily circumvented by pure VPN and the Internet are used here peacefully and freely. Ds offer was laid out by the company worldwide in 2007, since then it operates globally.

In 18 different countries, 34 servers are operated by pure VPN now. Edem server with 60 to 120 different IP addresses can be generated, so there are more than 2050 IP addresses that are available to users.

For troubleshooting and for security provider logs are made of pure VPN. The bandwidth used, the time the connection was to be built on the Internet and the server and the duration of the session only. In addition, it comes to storing any user data that must be specified to use the service. This involves, among other things, the payment information, the IP address and name. However, the data are not stored on the activities of customers on the Internet.

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In contrast to most other servers, a completely anonymous payment is possible with pure XPN. The company accepted including PaySafeCard and Ukash. In addition, any amount will be offered other ways of payment: Moneybookers, various credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney and AlertPay.

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