IP Vanish VPN

Currently, IP vanish has servers in 44 countries, more than 93 servers are operated worldwide. So there is more than 35,000 different IP addresses that are available for customers. At the same time wants their own server offering to expand steadily, so that the world even better coverage can be achieved IP Vanish. But especially in Europe, the company is already very well equipped.

As with a lot of other providers also, provider of IP Logs are performed vanish. This is the amount of data transferred, the duration of the session, a time stamp from the time at which the Internet connection is established or disconnected and the IP address used by the respective servers are stored.

According to  IP Vanish this information is needed for being able to effectively take action against abuse. But the improvement and expansion of your server will play an important role. All substantive information concerning the traffic, so what pages are accessed by customers, but not saved.

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It has to be created a user account if you want to be customer vanish with IP. This is some information, such as the phone number, the name, email address, regular address, payment information, the username and password of importance.

This information must be specified, and will vanish documented and stored by IP. Only through the use of PayPal payment the exact information of the customer can be kept secret from IP vanish. Otherwise, there is still the possibility to pay with a credit card, but this all credit card data is stored vanish into IP.

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