How to Unblock HULU Outside the US

HULU is a popular website that streams videos and movies to users within the United States. Considering that the majority of this service is absolutely free, it has proven to be quite popular. Unfortunately, those who are living abroad are unable to access the many features of this portal. Thankfully, there are two alternatives that will allow users to enjoy HULU while abroad.


Anonymous Proxy Servers

These can be thought of as “middlemen” between one’s computer and the HULU service. In essence, an anonymous proxy server will replace an existing IP address with one that matches the region where the third-party website is located. Thus, these servers will provide a domestic IP address from within the United States for those who wish to utilise HULU. However, it should be known that these servers are easier to identify and block than virtual private networks. In fact, HULU has already restricted a number of such portals.

Virtual Private Networks

As briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, a virtual private network (or VPN) is another popular alternative. As opposed to a proxy server, a VPN is a downloadable software program that masks a computer’s IP address with another address of choice. The main advantage with this option is that they tend to be extremely effective at doing so and unlike proxy servers, there is less lag time. This is obviously an important consideration when one wishes to stream or download videos through HULU.

With both of these choices, it is wise to only opt for those that are highly respected and boast a considerable amount of positive user reviews. Selecting lesser-known options may actually install spyware onto an operating system. Still, these methods have proven quite effective for those who wish to enjoy the amenities offered by HULU while living or travelling abroad.

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