How to Unblock Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform where people meet and make friends from across the globe. Through the site, one is able to create an interesting profile, upload photos and videos, update the status and also comment on other people’s statuses. Businesses also create pages where both clients and prospects are able to directly interact with the business.

As much as Facebook is perceived to be accessible to everyone across the world, it is unfortunately blocked in some parts. Residents in the affected areas cannot access it. Auspiciously, there are several ways one can use to unblock the site in these areas.

Use an IP address
Sites are not only accessed by typing their address in the address bar but also using their specific IP addresses. Finding the numerical signature is made possible by tools such as WHOIS tools.

Mobile version
Luckily, the mobile version of sites is hardly blocked. Accessing the mobile version of the site using a phone is very possible. Alternatively, the mobile version can be accessed via a computer by adding the letter m before the site’s address. For example, typed on the address bar in a computer will help one access the site.

A proxy hides one’s identity from any site. It gives a substitute IP address, hiding the original one. This way, one can even pretend to be in a different country.

VPN can be used in 2 main ways to guarantee access to Facebook. Through bypassing DNS poisoning, VPN is able to allow a user to access Facebook. DNS poisoning is used when censoring the internet in order to give back false reports to a user when he or she tries to access Facebook. In such a case, the VPN switches the user to a DNS outside the country, facilitating access.

Secondly, VPNs access blocked IP addresses. The servers create an encrypted network tunnel that help a user get the blocked IP.

To conclude, using a VPN is arguably the best method of unblocking Facebook.

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