Do cloud solutions make sense for businesses?

Companies want to move more data to the cloud in the future, according to a cloud computing survey by Unisys. Lexware’s ecrm will illustrate the concrete benefits of cloud solutions. The number of users of cloud and software-as-a-service models continues to rise, even though many still have security concerns.

Despite reservations about cloud solutions, SaaS models are on the rise. This current development is confirmed by the recently published results of the cloud computing survey conducted last year by the global IT service provider Unisys together with IDG Research, a company specialising in marketing marketing suites and tools to optimise marketing and media-relevant market research in the technology sector. The respondents included more than 350 IT managers from US, European and Latin American companies.

Clever customer management: The Lexware eCRM cloud solution can be accessed by several users simultaneously. The clear cockpit provides a quick overview of all important tasks, appointments and functions.

While more than 70 percent of CIOs surveyed see security concerns as the biggest hurdle to implementing cloud-based strategies, the majority of CIOs are still not aware of security concerns. Nevertheless, more than 50 percent operate at least one application or part of the IT infrastructure in CloudCloud Security reinvents itself. The same proportion of respondents also said they would invest in more cloud-based applications in the medium term.

Cloud solutions offer these benefits

As the Unisys survey shows, the benefits of SaaS models and cloud-based applications are very compelling. As reasons for using cloud solutions, decision-makers cited the possibility of saving costs and IT infrastructure IT security needs a good organization to be more efficient. There are quite a lot of solutions vor private cloud servers, you can check them at

Increased flexibility is another important factor. As a rule, SaaS services are billed according to usage, and mobile access to the services via apps also provides companies with significantly more flexibility.

Maintenance and updating is in the hands of the provider and is done automatically for the user so that he always has the latest version at his disposal without having to invest financial and personnel resources himself. SecurityIT security requires a good organization of the data German providers guarantee with daily backups as well as encrypted connections via SSL and certified servers.

Benefits of SaaS models using the example of Lexware’s ecrm

Almost every company relies on efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The larger the company and the more customers, the more important this area is and the more important powerful software is for this. It can be used to manage customer contacts, appointments and tasks, for project planning and as a storage medium for communication with customers.

Lexware eCRM: Clever customer management for small and medium-sized enterprises captures all data in a simple and intuitive mask. No information is lost and can be used efficiently and profitably.

A complete customer history, which is the basis for a consistent customer orientation, is easily possible with such a software. The advantages of a cloud solution, such as Lexware ecrm, continue to be that different users can access the software at the same time. It is no longer necessary to have a separate version for each workstation, which also requires storage space on the respective computer.

Project planning can also be carried out conveniently for all parties involved. Overviews provide information about the project status and open tasks. With the new app, Lexware ecrm can also be used on smartphones and tablets. Important data such as contacts, appointments and tasks are also available on mobile devices. If required, information can be called up again before a customer appointment, and networking between the office and field service is no problem. After the first update in November, Lexware has considerably simplified the registration process in the app.

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