2 providers for anonymous gaming in a review


vikingvpn1) We tend not to record any user action in any way. We do not understand what Internet Protocol addresses our customers link from. We’ve got a common ip for our customers, additionally raising their anonymity We additionally create visitors that is bogus.

2) We now run from America. America doesn’t have some compulsory data retention regulations, which permits nothing to be logged by us. If we obtain a legitimate guarantee, we are going to start all records that are mandatory, that we now have accessible; because nothing is logged by us, we do not have some records accessible.

3) DMCA notices involve some legal demands that essentially make them-not connect with us. No articles is hosted by us at all, we just supply bandwidth. Additionally, a notice demands the notifier to absolutely determine an infringing person – that’s not possible given our safety design. Essentially, it is not possible to deliver a notice that is legitimate to us.

4) We Are only starting out, therefore we are now only using charge cards. Taking bitcoin is a near-term target for us. We had also prefer to begin taking actually unique types of payment like money. Read more


aninine: “We save a customers E-mail user name and, that is it. What this means is that we have use of, or don’t save, any visitors logs of all kinds. Fit a customers id or unique ip address with among our IPs by visitors logs we suggest, almost any information which has the capacity to, directly or indirectly. Check another review to compare .

2. It is necessary to keep in mind that we don’t save any visitors logs, and in order that it will not be physically possible for people to give some thing like this around to a third party. This, alongside the security, is the center of the whole privacy part of the service. That is not impossible from the truth that people work under legislation that is Remedial and Remedial authority.

3. Our plan that was visiting has never actually caused us any problems because no official demands have been obtained by us to palm over any visitors logs.

4. We take bank card payments through Payson and Paypal.com. For customers that are Remedial payments are also accepted by us through telephone number and mobile phone text messaging. Information is not stored by us from these providers. Yet, every one of those solutions save levels of information associated with the payment and different kinds, as well as the payment just, which is done have entry to. It’s this that allows us to offer sufficient assistance providers etc., or to execute concessions”

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